Wild Action Zoo

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Last week, the Montessorians at Waverley Montessori Preschool enjoyed an incursion with the Wild Action Zoo.

The excited children held and petted strange, spiky and smooth new creatures, as well as a number of dangerous animals including an alligator! There were also a few aquatic animals in water tanks such as sharks and seahorses. A crustacean which thrilled the children was the crab with its long and sharp-looking claws.

One of the highlights of the day was the cute fairy penguin which received a lot of attention from the children. Every Montessorian had a turn petting its smooth yet slightly oily feathers.

Everyone really had a turn at getting involved with petting and holding the animals. We learnt a lot about the different types of animals that day and their favourite food.

I’ll leave it at that as there are so many pictures that tell the story of how much the children enjoyed the day!

Mrs Zarine


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Every second Friday, the four-year-old Montessorians enjoy a session of Yoga at the Waverley Montessori Preschool.

Yoga is recognised for providing many benefits for children as young as four-years-old including :

– develops the children’s balance and coordination
– improves the children’s focus and concentration
– refines the children’s gross and fine motor skills
– increases the children’s strength and flexibility
– a unique way for the children to express themselves
– provides an outlet for children to show their creativity
– provides an opportunity for children to unwind and relax

Another great benefit is the fun the children have in stretching out their bodies and discovering a unique way of expressing themselves.

The teachers at the Montessori notice that the Montessorians who participate in the yoga sessions have improved concentration in the classroom and greater control of their bodies.

We hope that by continuing yoga at the Waverley Montessori Preschool, we are providing the children with an opportunity to create a fit and healthy lifestyle and to improve their overall sense of wellbeing.

Until next time,

Mrs. Zarine