Mini Maestros

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Once a week, each Montessori group at the Waverley Montessori Preschool participates in a one hour music session with Mini Maestros. This fun-filled class is a great way for our Montessorians to develop their understanding and appreciation of music, including recognising beats and rhythms. The energetic activity also allows children to dance and move around, and in many cases this improves their concentration on Montessori activities.

All children have the opportunity to sing along, play on musical instruments, letting their imagination take over, and play music games. Without knowing it, the Montessorians are developing their listening, speech and social skills while still having fun!

These sessions are some of the Montessorians favourite time of the week and we love seeing them dancing around and enjoying themselves!

I hope you enjoy the pictures (which you can enlarge by clicking on them)

Mrs. Zarine

Pyjama Day

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Doesn’t everyone love to do something relaxing on wednesday to get you through the rest of the week. The Waverley Montessori Preschool did exactly that this week with our Montessorians enjoying a pyjama day! All children dressed in their favourite pyjamas and brought along a sleeping bag or blanket, pillow and their soft toy. The children were very excited to be wearing their brightly coloured pyjamas, many with their favourite animated character.

The Montessorians started the day working with the teachers to create cardboard stars which they took home for their parents. After the activity, the children relaxed on their sleeping bag or blanket to watch the movies Hairy Maclary and Little Einstein. The children munched away on popcorn and rice crackers while excitedly laughing and sometimes intensely watching the movies.

It was a fun day (for both children and the teachers) and a much rewarded break for our hard-working Montessorians.

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Until next time,

Mrs. Zarine

Mother’s Day at the Waverley Montessori

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Mother’s Day is a special time in the year when a mother gets a little extra attention as their child show just how much their mother mean to them. And as a mother, the thing I enjoy the most in the world is spending time with my children doing something that excites them. Thirty three mothers (and one lucky grandmother) joined us at the Waverley Montessori to do exactly that during our Mother’s Day morning and afternoon tea.

On entering the classroom, children presented their mothers with a bright chrysanthemum flower. This flower, which is in season in May, is often given to mothers on mother’s day and can be worn by men to honour their mother. The children had also worked throughout the week to create an embroidered heart which they gave to their mothers as a present for mother’s day and a reminder of the fun day.

Mothers joined their children for a morning or afternoon tea where party pies, sausage rolls and fairy bread (made by the children themselves) were served. Afterwards, some excited children also showed their mum around their the classroom and  demonstrated their favourite montessori activities.

I hope all the mothers (and grandmother) enjoyed their special day, and we already can’t wait to put on another great day for the fathers in September!

Mrs. Zarine