Book Week 2017

Hi all

Last week we celebrated Book Week at the Waverley Montessori Preschool. We did a number of craft activities based on some of the children’s favourite books including The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Cat in the Hat. On Thursday the children dressed up as their favourite book character. We had a dragon, a Peter Pan and a Captain Hook in the room as well as Ana and Elsa from Frozen. Classic characters such as Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty also made an appearance. And some newer book characters such as Paw Patrol and Harry Potter.

The children were so excited to introduce themselves as their favourite characters.

Mrs. Zarine

Mother’s Day 2017


Hi everyone

This is a late post however it is one I cannot miss. In May this year we celebrated Mother’s Day with a morning and afternoon tea at the Waverley Montessori Preschool. The children served their mother’s vegetables with dips and fruits – keeping in line with our regular discussions about healthy eating at the preschool. The children gave their mother’s a key chain which they beaded themselves. Afterwards the children showed their mother’s their favourite activities in the room.

Enjoy the photos!

Mrs. Zarine