Mini Maestros

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Once a week, each Montessori group at the Waverley Montessori Preschool participates in a one hour music session with Mini Maestros. This fun-filled class is a great way for our Montessorians to develop their understanding and appreciation of music, including recognising beats and rhythms. The energetic activity also allows children to dance and move around, and in many cases this improves their concentration on Montessori activities.

All children have the opportunity to sing along, play on musical instruments, letting their imagination take over, and play music games. Without knowing it, the Montessorians are developing their listening, speech and social skills while still having fun!

These sessions are some of the Montessorians favourite time of the week and we love seeing them dancing around and enjoying themselves!

I hope you enjoy the pictures (which you can enlarge by clicking on them)

Mrs. Zarine

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