I can do it myself…

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Our Montessorians have well and truly settled into the year as we are now halfway through 2015. Children are now working more and more independently as they choose the work from the shelves and work on it on their mats. Older children in the classroom also enjoy showing the younger children how to work on material and assist if they are experiencing any difficulty.

One of my favourite things as a Montessori teacher is to watch children interact socially. I love it when I can take the back seat and observe the children assisting each other without my interference. This not only develops their social skills but also builds their confidence and independence.

We have a nurturing environment at the Waverley Montessori Preschool so children never feel intimidated or unsure about approaching the teachers if they need any help with their work. This enables us the adopt Maria Montessori’s principle of “Help Me to Help Myself”. Children are encouraged to to approach new work if they are interested or move onto more challenging work once they show their readiness.

We are excited to see what the second half of the year holds and how much more our little Montessorians will grow in preparation for next year at the Preschool or Primary School.

Mrs. Zarine