Fathers Day / Pyjama Day

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Last week at the Waverley Montessori Preschool we celebrated Fathers Day by hosting a breakfast for the fathers. The children served their dads croissants, cereal and toast, and gave them a gift of a mobile phone holder they made at the Preschool. They also sang a song we had created especially for Fathers Day. The breakfast was on the same day as our pyjama day where the kids dressed up in their favourite pyjamas. It was so lovely seeing the children bring their favourite blankets or soft toys that must be part of their bedtime routine. We capped off the day by playing outside – now how often can the children say they get to play on the playground in their pyjamas!

Enjoy the (many) photos

Mrs. Zarine

Father’s Day

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This week we celebrated Father’s Day at the Waverley Montessori Preschool. Can you believe we started this blog with Mother’s Day and here we are at Father’s Day already!

We had a fun day planned for our Montessorians beginning with breakfast with all the fathers, who made an appreciated effort to come and make the day special for their children. Everyone enjoyed a mini breakfast buffet of croissants, toast and spread, cereal and tea.

Following breakfast, Claire from Red Herring put on a japanese paper puppet show, which appealed to both the fathers and the children. This japanese story telling show ties into our classwork where children are learning about the Asian continent.

Dads then helped the children with the craftwork by assisting with pasting and folding. Excited children were also able to show their dads their favourite activities in the classroom. This was a fun morning that involved all the fathers and children. To all the parents out there, what is your favourite activity to do with your little ones?

Thank you to all the dads and we hope you enjoyed the day as much as your children!

Happy Fathers Day,

Mrs. Zarine