A bit about me…

Mrs. Zarine

Hi everyone

Today I am going to talk about how I  came about to start the Waverley Montessori Preschool many, many years ago.

Two of my three children have completed cycle 1 of the Montessori method. Unfortunately I did not know about Maria Montessori when I had my first daughter however six years later when I had my son, I knew it was where I wanted him to start his education. I saw a big difference in his academic as well as social development from his time at the Montessori however when I went to enrol my second son, the centre had closed down and there was no Montessori in the area where I lived. That was when I decided I would start my own! It was a slow start however what a journey it has been. My youngest flourished at the Waverley Montessori Preschool and over the many years I have seen hundreds of more children benefit from our dedicated staff and the Montessori method.

During my years with the Montessori I have completed my Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood and my Diploma in Montessori Studies. I enjoy practicing the Montessori method in the classroom and ensure our Preschool follows the Montessori method. I see such a difference in the children’s development from the start of the two year program to the end.

All the staff at the Preschool have a world of knowledge and experience with the Montessori method and I believe this makes a difference in the quality of education we provide to the children. Over the next few months I hope to do a staff profile for all our staff.

Mrs. Zarine



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